The Beach

Our beach is Chic Banana Beach, plants 10 and 12, is located a few meters from the hotel with all the comfort and functional facilities, including hot and cold showers, entertainment, nursery, picnic area, and a area pet friendly.

During the day you can relax lying on comfortable sun loungers with cushions or in the cool under the umbrella. Each umbrella is well spaced from the next, so give yourself all the space you need to enjoy privacy and tranquility. The beach has small swimming pools with jacuzzi and a large swimming pool, the entrance to which is however, payment.

Sports and activities

If you are not interested in tanning and sitting still makes you impatient, on our beaches you can have fun with:

  • Bowling green
  • Ping pong
  • Tournaments of beach volleyball and soccer
  • Saltarello
  • Giant checkers
  • Gym

A sea holiday with your children

The sea of Gabicce is suitable for the whole family thanks to its wide beaches and equipped , and the fine sand that gently slopes. For each plant there is a playground visible from the area with parasols, where your children can have fun with slides, swings and trampolines. During the day the children can play in the Den of the Pirates, not a playground like any other, but a real amusement park with a pirate galleon and activities and creative workshops of "Captain Chops"

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