Holidays in freedom
with the family

Your holiday
in Gabicce Mare

Awarded the "Blue Flag 2019", Gabicce offers a stretch of coastline of rare beauty. The wide beaches of fine sand sloping gently into the sea and within a short distance, are unexpectedly interrupted by the first promontory overlooking the adriatic coast, transforming them in the green and unspoilt rocky coast of Monte San Bartolo.

The Hotel Fabbri is located right in the centre of Gabicce Mare, on a wide, paved promenade with bars, restaurants and shops and just a short walk from the beach and the Natural Park.

As the sun sets, the illuminated windows of the pubs and shops dressed in the magic streets of the city centre that evening are closed to traffic, becoming a pedestrian area perfect for a peaceful stroll.

To run young and family, the Hotel Fabbri is attentive to the needs of all its guests: every day we will try to satisfy all requests (or almost!) to give you an unforgettable stay.

A few steps from the sea

"Easy Holiday"
Freedom and light-heartedness

No matter what the age. What we want is to be able to offer each guest the exact experience of an unique Holiday, free and carefree that his heart desires.So we wondered: which formula use to create the perfect Holiday? We decided to mix a'warm welcome and "guest-centric” with a pleasant, familiar and informal, add a generous dose of good food , and, finally, so many smiles.

Formula for a pleasant vacation, of course, but to tailor a unique experience we felt it was necessary to still have a special ingredient. We believe we have found it. According to us, the most important of all is the Freedom. Freedom to be able to go back to have the best from your Time, because, for us, Vacation means to enjoy every moment spent with those most dear, have fun or even just regain a moment longer to devote themselves cuddling a bit. To ensure that your next vacation is just as you want it to, we intend to give you back all the freedom you need.

Exclusive Formula
All Inclusive

Every awakening is the prelude of a sweet day at the Hotel Fabbri that starts with the many delicacies of our typical Buffet Breakfast. Every morning you will taste fragrant brioches of homemade pastries, homemade desserts, exquisite cappuccinos and even piadina!
And when the sun is shining treat yourself to a short break for Lunch, returning to our buffet: this time you will find a wide choice of fresh dishes, lightweight tasty!
You are free to continue satisfying only your desires. Rest. Sync your heart to the rhythm of the lapping waves. Or take a dip in our sea. Play. Take the opportunity to explore the rich surroundings of nature and art, or if you want it, go shopping in the downtown streets until the evening.

At your return we will be ready to welcome you with our Buffet Dinner. In the end, why limit yourself to only choose a few dishes from a menu when you can taste them all? Our buffet will always know how to delight you by offering you the best products of our sea and our territory.

Hotel Fabbri
for Save the Children

Stay with your children and support our joint initiative! For 2019 Hotel Fabbri has chosen to support Save the Children , the international organization that has been fighting for the last 100 years to save the lives of children and guarantee them a future.
For every child who will stay with his family our hotel will donate 1 euro to support the Global Campaign " Stop the War on Children ", to say enough to the suffering that millions of children are forced to suffer in war-torn countries.

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